Kendo UI Grid – Delete without edit

This seems like it would be trivial, and I guess it is if you get it right, but I was trying to change a grid so that it would not use InCell editing, but continue to have the ‘Delete’ function triggered from the delete button on the same row. My thought was I want to turn off the ability to EDIT, so I tried combinations of removing the .Editable property or setting it to InLine, and then changing Batch to false because I was getting an error that it must be InCell if using batch edits.

(I’m only showing the changes made)

In the end I needed to remove the Command.Save() from the toolbar AND set:


.Editable(e => e.Mode(GridEditMode.InLine))   //this is changed FROM InCell

.DataSource(datasource => datasource

.Batch(true)  //Leave true


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