Changing the MyDocuments location of IISExpress

When working from home and VPN’d to work, I kept getting errors about no access to redirection.config. It is because the location IISExpress uses for it’s root is in the My Documents folder which was initially a location on the network share at work. This article shows how to change the location IISExpress uses to anywhere else so I set it up to point in My Documents on my own computer and now I can load web projects again when not on the network.

VS 2013 Web site project fails to load

In VS 2013 I’m having an issue where the web project (one ¬†of 6 projects in the solution will not open. I’m being offered the opportunity to reload the project but that fails with errors about no access to redirection.config.

(Save a copy of all files to another folder before doing the following)

I’m not sure why this occurs. In this case I was able to get around it by clicking the solution and then Subversion | Revert..

This time it didn’t revert my class files so I didn’t need to restore anything from that copy I made, but I suggest making the copy just in case.