Scrum Diary: Entry #1

Three weeks ago, my employer sent a large group of us from our IT department to a ScrumMaster certification course, for 2 days of immersive training. The next weekend I took my ScrumMaster certification exam to become Certified ScrumMaster (CSM). Although our team was already using Scrum, we are making some minor adjustments in order to get more benefits from it. Our team seems happy to work together experiment a little so we can find the best ways to make this work for us.

Rugby scrum
Rugby scrum

I’ve been developing software professionally for almost 15 years now, and most of that time I’ve worked very independently on my projects, or my parts of larger projects. This is the most collaborative work I’ve ever done, and working this closely with other developers is refreshing and energizing. Previously I worked in the quietest place I could find and purposefully avoided being around others when coding, so I could concentrate. Now I work in an open area surrounded by my Scrum Team and we are openly talking throughout the day as we work. Conversations I would have previously considered distractions, I now see as insightful bits of information that help me to better understand the larger picture of the project we work on together.

I have to say that I’m loving the way Scrum works, and have been soaking up information from other sources including ‘The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time’, by Jeff Sutherland (one of the developers of Scrum), and ’30 Days to better Agile’ by Angela Druckman.

The benefits I’m seeing right away:
1) When one person on the team gets stuck, others join in to push past the sticking point.
2) A sense that we are in this together.
3) I feel obligated to get things done for my team.
4) I know my team members feel an obligation support each other in order to accomplish our team goals.

I think we still have a lot to improve on and look forward to the opportunities ahead.

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