Angular Isolated Scopes

// A directive with its own ISOLATED SCOPE. This way the directive doesn't accidentally 
// modify parent's scope values
// you would load this with <search-result-3 person-name="{{}}" person-address="{{person.address}}"></search-result-3

 <a href="#"  class="list-group-item">
    <h4 class="list-group-item-heading">{{personName}}</h4>
    <p class="list-group-item-text">{{personAddress}}</p>
        templateUrl: 'directives/searchResult.html'
        , replace: true     //will replace the original tag 
                            //rather than putting this html inside existing tag
        , scope:
            personName: "@"   //tells us the directive expects a passed in value
                                // the @ sign means this will be text
            , personAddress: "@"

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