Error making a REST call

So today I was trying to call my REST api and was greeted with this nasty message:

Abort / timeout

The request has been aborted manually or because of the conection timeout. There were no response from the server but the connection wasn't closed.

You can adjust timeout in settings.

Try to:

add "Connection: close" header which should be used by the server to close the connection after it finish generating response
Please, check if:

all required services (like www) are up and running on server
method is correct
port number is correct
url is correct
all required headers and/or payload has been added to the request

Sometimes it may happen when you use http protocol instead of https. Also it may happen when you use different URL (port / protocol) and the server is not configured properly.

I’ll note that I had run this same request on my local IISExpress without any issue, but after deploying the code and database to a remote server, I started to get this error while making the call using PostMan (or ARC) snap in for Chrome.

This error pops up exactly 20 seconds after making the request, which made it seem like the server was sending back the timeout due to a server setting. I also looked into the possibility that it was a database connection timeout.

I was able to get around the issue by click the little ‘Use XHR’ toggle at the top of ARC, and then making the exact same request again. And it works.

Hope it helps!

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