Setup a new Angular (2/4) project

Install Node Package Manager (latest version available, currently 7.7.1 for me) if you don’t already have it.

(You can find more info about Angular’s CLI at

Next  you will use need to install the Angular CLI as follows:

npm install -g @angular/cli

Navigate into the folder where you want to create your new project using terminal (mac) or command window (windows).

To create your project type:

 ng new my-new-app

To navigate into your folder, type:

 cd my-new-app

To run your app in a browser, type:

 ng serve

Let’s say you want to go ahead and get Bootstrap into your project, use your CLI again. Make sure you are currently still in your project folder and type:

Add Bootstrap to your Angular project

npm install --save bootstrap

In your Dev Environment, find the Angular-cli.json file and open it. We need to add Bootstrap to that. find the “apps/styles” property
Change it from:

"styles": [


"styles": [

Now your project is ready to use Bootstrap.

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