Re assemble gym

Starting with the longer floor bar, the chest press handles and the chest work out chair, bolt together these 3 parts.


Bolt the top bar onto the top of the seat post.

Bolt the 4 long round tubes into the bottom bar.

Once they are bolted into the bottom bar you can stand up the unit. Don’t bolt into the top bar yet because you need to slide the weights on first.

Before adding the weights, find 4 black donuts in the tote and slide them onto the round tubes. They will sit below the weights so they go on before the weights.


Bolt on the 2 chest fly bars. This is the chest fly station.


Attach the pull down seat to the long floor piece (sorry I don’t have pictures, but this is the seat that is at the opposite end of the long section from the chest fly station.

(no pics for this part)


Bolt on the 2 cross over bars. These bars connect the bench section to the chest and pull down section. (pictures below)




On the Bench section, bolt on the leg extension and leg press assembly’s (images below).


Attach Bench section to the crossover bars. (images below)


Slide the weights on. Note the stacks aren’t equal. The stack near chest fly station has  14 weights. The stack near pull down has 9 weights (images below).

Once the weights are on, you can bolt up the tops of the tubes, and attach the black plastic safety side covers (they keep you from pinching your self in the weights.

The pictures below are not really in order, so (1) get the weights on, (2) bolt the tops of the tubes, (3) add the safety covers.


Run all the cables. This should be fun. I labeled all the cables with a letter (A – E I think). I put blue tape at each location where the cables go. So for cable A, It starts at A-1 and goes to A-n. Every cable will follow this pattern. I added pictures which might help (below).


If there are any parts left over at this point, I hope it is obvious where they go.